Cowork Spaces

At SparkPlug Coworks, coworking is not only about the physical place, but about establishing a community. At SparkPlug the spaces are designed for Getting Shi*t Done! Here you will experience the fastest and highly reliable internet in the coworking space. Aesthetically designed spaces and ergonomic seating gives you the right comfort while you hustle your way up in your business. Brainstorm or huddle as you wish with not extra pricing in any of the meeting rooms or private places. Boost your energy at the specially designed community areas, common lounges, dining or play areas. Most importantly, at SparkPlug Coworks, community is at the core and you have the opportunity to bump on to the like-minded professionals who can put you in touch with the exact person, concept or company that you are looking for.

Our members have freedom to choose from hot desks, dedicated desks or private office spaces that suits to their need. Enquire for the best option that suits you

Virtual Offices

SparkPlug Coworks provides business that are just starting up in India. Right from support in setting up operations in India, company incorporation, hiring and manging the office space. If you are just setting up in India and need an address for your company registration and communication correspondence purpose, SparkPlug

Coworks is the right place for that. We are located in Koramangala, Bangalore which is in the heart of the city and the best location to set up your business in the entire country. Read More

Managed Offices

Whether you are looking for an empty bare shell, furnished office space or a fully customized office space for your team, we have the right space just for you across the city of Bangalore. Read More